Mission & Vision


We glorify God by being a Church woven into our community, striving to live authentic lives and longing to remove barriers that keep people from life with Jesus.

Our story

 Fellowship West is part of a family of churches in the Knoxville area.  Over the past several years, our efforts have shifted from growing larger on our Middlebrook Campus to growing deeper and wider across the East Tennessee region. We believe that the most effective way we can make disciples is to multiply leaders and churches across Knoxville.

As you explore the generations of church history from the book of Acts to 21st Century America you begin to identify patterns of the church in response to culture. The gospel message has never changed but the mode in which the gospel is spread had made dramatic shifts through time. In order for us to make disciples in the next generation, we need to be able to shift our form, while remaining faithful to the Gospel and Scripture.

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